About Us

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About Us

BREAD CRÉATEUR was established in 2018 when our passion for artisan bread grew and decided to introduce them to a larger group of consumers.

Many might wonder what our brand means. BREAD CRÉATEUR is a French expression for "bread creator". Our bread and pastries are built from scratch using French flour, butter and in-house starter with no chemical additives. Under well controlled time and temperature, each dough is hand kneaded into its unique design and hence we termed ourselves as creator of the bread.

Our bakery relies on traditional baking processes which include producing our own starter that went through a cold fermentation of at least 18 hours. The long fermentation period not only allow greater flavour development, it also enable the enzymes in bread to break down gluten which is not easily digestible for most people. The health benefits of artisan bread keep us motivated in introducing them to a greater crowd as we are committed in providing a healthier source of bread and pastries for our customers.